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Skydiving in Australia Flickr Image by latch.r

The vast, continent-sized country of Australia has plenty of space. That, combined with a love of the outdoor lifestyle and sports at the more extreme end of the spectrum, means Australia skydive opportunities are some of Read more »


Italy Skydiving Flickr image by gre.ceres

There are many reasons to visit Italy – from the magnificence of Rome to the beauty of Tuscany. However, one of the newest reasons to visit one of Europe’s oldest countries involves throwing yourself out of Read more »

New Zealand

New Zealand Skydiving Flickr image by mnapoleon

New Zealand is one of the world’s best skydiving destinations. With its dramatic mountain scenery and sparse population, it offers unspoilt views that never seem to end. Jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet has Read more »


Thailand Skydiving Flickr image by jbremer57

Most people associate Thailand with incredible food, backpacking and full moon parties but there’s another side to the country that’s really taking off (if you’ll pardon the pun). Thailand skydive experiences are fast becoming a feature Read more »

Top 10 UK tandem skydive locations

UK tandem skydiving locations flickr image by Steve Montgomery

A tandem jump is the way most people get into the world of skydiving. Strapped to an instructor and fully briefed about the jump, you get to experience freefall for anything up to a minute at Read more »

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skydiving Flickr image by Ryan Harvey

Hong Kong skydiving has changed a great deal since the governance of the island was handed over from the UK to China. The only skydiving club in Honk Kong, with the drop zone at Sek Kong Read more »