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skydive Switzerland image courtesy of Skydive interlaken

When it comes to skydiving, Switzerland has one of the poshest pedigrees in Europe: legendary landscapes, pristine planes and lush grass for landings. Here’s what to expect if you are planning a Swiss skydive. Where to skydive Read more »


Interlaken skydiving image courtesy of Skydive interlaken

Interlaken, a jewel in the centre of Switzerland, is one of those places that stays in your memory forever: wide, café-studded boulevards; lushly manicured gardens; cliff-fringed edges; cobblestone roads winding through town. Of course, if cafés and Read more »

A guide to competition skydiving

A guide to competition skydiving

Many of you might have thought ‘Can you really compete in skydiving? I thought it was just about making it down alive?’. But you would be wrong. There are, in fact, many different forms of skydiving Read more »

The perfect packing kit for skydiving

Packing kit for skydiving image by US Navy

Getting your first skydiving gear is a Christmas-morning moment. For the first time, you have a brand-new (or new-to-you) rig, a cozy helmet that hasn’t been worn by every tandem passenger since 1986 and an altimeter Read more »

Interview with a Professional Skydiver

Interview with a Professional Skydiver

Have you ever thought what it takes to work in the skydiving industry and how to get there? Well read this interview with professional skydiver Andy Wesley who works at Skydive Hibaldstow near Leeds as a Read more »


Skydiving in Australia Flickr Image by latch.r

The vast, continent-sized country of Australia has plenty of space. That, combined with a love of the outdoor lifestyle and sports at the more extreme end of the spectrum, means Australia skydive opportunities are some of Read more »