Guide to Europe Skydiving

This is slightly embarrassing, as we have not written the Europe skydiving page yet – sorry about that! However Europe is has some of the most popular places to skydive on Despite not writing this page yet there may well be skydiving in Europe articles below so be sure to scroll down and check.

Our intention is to only publish information that is useful about skydiving in Europe, we not be one of those frustrating sites that post awful auto-generated text pretending they are knowledgeable. This is auto-generated but hopefully you will forgive us as at least we are being honest about it.

We write around 30 new pages on each month. We want to be a useful site helping skydivers to find great information about skydiving worldwide. If you a writer and a skydiver and would like to write about skydiving destinations like this Europe skydive page then please send us a write up – if we like your style we may take you on as a paid writer.

We plan to publish blog posts by skydive companies about skydiving lessons and day trips plus articles about Europe skydiving holidays. If you represent a skydiving company please get in touch and hopefully we can work together – there are both free and paid options that will help promote your business.


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A guide to competition skydiving

A guide to competition skydiving

Many of you might have thought ‘Can you really compete in skydiving? I thought it was just about making it down alive?’. But you would be wrong. There are, in fact, many different forms of skydiving Read more »
Packing kit for skydiving image by US Navy

The perfect packing kit for skydiving

Getting your first skydiving gear is a Christmas-morning moment. For the first time, you have a brand-new (or new-to-you) rig, a cozy helmet that hasn’t been worn by every tandem passenger since 1986 and an altimeter Read more »
Interview with a Professional Skydiver

Interview with a Professional Skydiver

Have you ever thought what it takes to work in the skydiving industry and how to get there? Well read this interview with professional skydiver Andy Wesley who works at Skydive Hibaldstow near Leeds as a Read more »
Raise money through charity skydiving events

Raise money through charity skydiving events

Over the past couple of years, I have organised 2 tandem charity skydiving events for my local hospice in Yorkshire. The first time I didn’t have a clue how to organise it, or how to convince Read more »
Skydive worldwide with accelerated freefall course flickr image by Wales-Gibbons

Skydive worldwide with the accelerated freefall course: Where are the best places to learn?

Once you’ve experienced the thrill of your first skydive, it’s usually only a matter of time before you want to learn to jump solo. All beginner skydivers have to tandem jump with an instructor, and while Read more »
Top 10 dropzones in Europe Wikimedia image by Pannali

Top 10 dropzones in Europe: skydiving European style

Skydiving in Europe is very popular with over 550 dropzones so why not join the trend and try skydiving European style. The reasons for preferring one dropzone over another are individual to the skydiver but there Read more »
Paris skydive Wikimedia image by by Dregcla

Paris skydive: Dropzones near the French capital

Ah Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Home to some of the finest cuisine on the planet, the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Élysées. What better place to go if you want to throw yourself Read more »


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