Guide to Ukraine Skydiving

Its probably not great to start off with an apology but here goes… Sorry but this Ukraine skydiving page has not been written yet. However Ukraine is at number 160 in the most popular skydive countries on Although we have not written this page yet check out below if there are any articles about skydiving in Ukraine.

Our intention is to only publish information that is useful about skydiving in Ukraine, we not be one of those frustrating sites that post awful auto-generated text pretending they are knowledgeable. Of course what you are reading is auto-generated but we are being honest about it so hopefully you will forgive us.

On each month we publish an average of 30 new pages. We want to be a useful site helping skydivers to find great information about skydiving worldwide. So if you could provide a write up for this Ukraine skydive page or about other skydive destinations then please get in touch – if its good enough we may pay you to write more.

We plan to publish blog posts by skydive companies about skydiving lessons and day trips plus articles about Ukraine skydiving holidays. If you represent a skydiving company please get in touch and hopefully we can work together – there are both free and paid options that will help promote your business.


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